Anomalies Autoscan mode guide

Anomalies-Autoscan mode Guide

scanner postion example

First of all make sure you’ve followed the Initial setup guide of H-Bot as it’s necessary for any mode unless you are familiar with H-Bot and know what you need to do to get it running.

To use this mode you have first to arrange the scanner. First of all Probe Scanner should be seperated from the Local Star System Map. You can do this by clicking the quad button in top right of Probe Scanner.


Open the scanner and move it to the center of your eve client as shown in the above screenshot. It’s not necessary to be in exact center so if you see it says “can’t detect Scanner window” when it’s running make it as centralized as possible. Make the Probes in space area as small as possible. The important columns are “Name”, “Group” and “Signal” so make sure they are visible. Especially the Name column must be wide enough so the bot can read the different Anomaly types and filter them according to your settings. The scanner must be closed before starting the bot so go on and close it.

If you are going to use special actions for some anomalies you have to create a 7nth overview with only “Large Collidable Structures” in it. So go to overview settings, Filters->Types->Entity and check “Large Collidable Structure”.

In H-Bot Hunter main window you must select “Anomalies-AutoScan” as operating mode. In anomalies settings you have to set how often to change back to AutoScan mode when the bot finishes all anomalies. If you want to run the bot exclusively in anomalies mode set [Resume AutoScan every]=1. [Wait for initial Spawn] and [Wait for Respawn] are self explanatory. If no anomalies are found the bot can either wait in a safespot or change to asteroids npc hunting mode. It will resume Anomalies Autoscan mode after [Resume AutoScan every] minutes. [Safespot to wait anomalies] is the number of the bookmark in your safespots folder you want the bot to warp to when there are no anomalies in scanner. [Use right click ->warp to anomalies] should be checked if you want to warp to anomalies to a certain distance. For example if you have set the warp in distance in selected item to 100km to snipe the rats you need to check this box so the bot uses right click->warp and warps in to 100km to anomalies.

If you want H-Bot to warp only to certain anomaly types you should add them to the list. For example you might only want it to warp to Havens and Sanctums so just type them and click add one by one.

Some anomalies need special actions to trigger the spawn. In Havens you need to wait extra 30 sec then press OK on a popup and in Sanctums you have to shoot a structure first. So [Special Actions] group is for these anomalies. Add the Anomaly type, select an action and set the structure name to shoot if needed. The bot will load the 7nth overview after landing to that anomaly and will perform the appropriate action to trigger the spawn.
That’s it.

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