H-Bot Npc Hunter

What is H-Bot Npc Hunter?

H-Bot Npc Hunter is a bot – macro for the infamous Eve Online Game. It is an OCR bot sending keyboard and mouse input just like a real player would do. H-Bot is the first and most advanced PVE fighting bot for Eve Online with a complete set of features. Since 2007 it’s been a loyal friend of thousands of eve online pilots. It’s always up to date to be compatible with latest Eve Online version and new features are added constantly to improve and add functionalities. It can fight npcs, salvage and loot wrecks on belts, anomalies and custom bookmarks from anomalies and missions making a ton of ISK for you while you do other things. It’s completely automated and doesn’t need you to babysit it. Just run the bot and leave it do its thing all day long making ISK for you while keeping your ship safe from hostile pilots and npcs.


Why use a bot in Eve Online?

Well, Eve Online is a great game but some parts of its game-play are very boring and repetitive. Unfortunately you must spend time on these boring things to be able to gather some ISK and buy ships, modules etc. H-Bot is exactly what you need to avoid the boring part of Eve Online and enjoy the fun game-play at its maximum.

Current Operating Modes are:

- Asteroid Npc Hunting
- Anomalies Bookmarks Npc Hunting
- Just Fight (For missions or Plexes)
- Anomalies AutoScan Npc Hunting
- Salvage-Loot Bookmarks
- Salvage-Loot Belts
- Simple Salvage-Loot


Here are the main features of H-Bot


Local Channel pilots monitoring. Watches the pilots list of local channel to protect your ship from hostiles

Local Channel chat monitor. Reads the local chat and alerts you on keywords typed in local. This way if someone tries to talk to your bot you’ll get an email and sound notification
Any ship – Any setup (Except fighters controls)
Advanced drones controlling algorithms supporting drones groups, drones’ tank monitoring to protect drones taking damage and more
Email notifications on important events
Sound alerts on important events
Advanced targeting system
No restrictions on Eve resolution and specific windows sizes and position. H-Bot automatically finds the necessary windows and coordinates it needs, you just need to follow some basic guidelines
Human-like gameplay with random mini breaks, random afk breaks, random mouse movement, random time intervals etc
Settings profiles
Battleship chaining in Asteroid belts hunting mode

Faction and officer npc detection and looting

Kill priority by NPC name. You can configure H-Bot to kill scramblers before they even start scrambling you…
Advanced ship navigation. Orbit, Keep at range or approach the npc when fighting them. Use mwd or afterburner when needed and even align your safespot when fighting
Use as many salvagers and tractors as you want
  and many more…