Asteroid Belts Npc Hunting

Asteroid belts npc hunting is one of the most profitable and direct ways to make ISK in Eve Online game. H-Bot Npc Hunter being the first and most advanced ratting bot for Eve online supports fully automated asteroid belts npc hunting. Flying from belt to belt in Eve Online, killing npcs for their bounties, tanking incoming damage, chaining Battleships, looting Faction or all wrecks and many many more are simple tasks for H-Bot...

Anomalies Npc Hunting

Anomalies Npc Hunting has become equally profitable if not more with Asteroid Belts Npc Hunting in Eve Online game. Scanning down anomalies and killing the Pirate Npcs for their bounty is an everyday task for many Eve Online null sec space inhabitants. H-Bot Npc Hunter supports 2 Anomalies Npc Hunting modes. Bookmark Anomalies and Autoscan Anomalies hunting modes will fulfill any botting needs of a null sec Ratter in Eve Online.

Salvaging - Looting

Salvaging dead pirate ship wrecks for minerals and collect their loot is another common job for Eve Online pilots. Although it's not as profitable as killing ncps for their bounties it requires less skill points and is usally a job for the alt character. H-Bot Npc Hunter supports fully automated Salvaging and Looting modes to clean the wrecks at Belts, Anomalies or Missions in Eve Online. 





Eve online bot for Npc Hunting, Salvaging&Looting. Designed for Asteroid belts & Anomalies npc hunting as well as Salvaging and Looting Belts, Anomalies and Missions



eve online bot h-bot npc hunter box


H-Bot eve online bot

Compatible with latest Eve Online expansion!
Free fully functional DEMO available!
Top ISK generating BOT for EVE Online!
Fully automated Belts Npc Hunting!
Fully automated Anomalies Npc Hunting!
Fully automated Salvaging and Looting modes!
Faction looting!
Use Any Ship with Any setup! (Fighter controls not supported)
Use Drones to fight rats! Use drone groups (Sentry,Heavy,Medium,Light etc)
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Download H-Bot Npc Hunter DEMO




Eve Online Bot

H-Bot Npc Hunter is the first Eve Online Ratting bot working since 2007. It's constantly being improved with new features and updated to be compatible with latest Eve Online build. Eve Online is a great game but as most of the mmo games it demands the player to spent way to many hours doing some boring stuff to get the assets to really enjoy the game. H-Bot is here to give you a hand and play the boring part of Eve Online so you have the ISK to really enjoy its gameplay at it best.                            

Payment Method

You can purchase H-Bot Npc Hunter bot for Eve Online using Paypal. This payment method is completely automated so your bot account is instantly delivered after payment and you can start earning ISK right away and get your Eve Online experience to the next level. If it's imposible for you to use Paypal just drop a pm to Admin or moderator on the forum to get informed about alternative paying methods.



Active Community

If you need any help or want to share your ideas or suggestions to make H-Bot a better Eve Online bot you are welcome to do so on our forum. Finding a home in Eve Online for your botting character is another thing you can accomplish with the help of our forum as well as sharing ship setups for your botting character. If you like Eve Online but feel like you are spending too much time to gather the ISK to really enjoy the game don't think twice, register right away, download the demo and see for yourself what you've been missing...

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